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Investment Industry Expertise

Doing a comprehensive search for all executive roles within each sector is important, but in the VC and private equity space the comprehensiveness of the search is crucial. These leaders can literally make or break your investment. Remember, hiring is not expensive, but hiring the wrong individual is extremely expensive.

Since the launch of Jo D, we have focused a large amount of attention to building our candidate pool, and providing our clients with an array of candidates. We pride ourselves on delivering continued support over the lifecycle of each deal. Furthermore, due to these relationships having been built over the years, we have been able to link our leaders together for added value and/or business development.

It’s worth noting that the VC & Private Equity market is as aggressive as ever. Valuations are high, and good deals are hard to find. Organizational changes are more crucial than ever for success, and you will need a true partner in the recruitment side to find game changing talent. Although recruitment is our focus we have realized that our continued support helps in multiple areas. We have identified key characteristics that drive success at the highest level. Those characteristics will help build your investments the right way.



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