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Building a Trusted Agency

Jo D Consulting (Jo D) was launched with the mission of empowering our clients by delivering not only exceptional candidates, matched to both skill set and corporate culture, but also by arming those clients with insightful and timely market data.

Because of the recognition which Jo D has received for its client support strategy, Jo D has become the “go to” partner for national and global enterprises in technology, facility infrastructure, and services.

These capabilities and dedicated approach to the Executive Recruiting tasks all culminate in the Jo D tenet: Linking Exceptional Talent with Great Companies. The extensive background and experience of Jo D ’s principal, Patrick Doran, in executive recruiting includes roles as Recruitment and Organizational Development Manager for a nationwide financial services company and Strategic Recruitment and HR Incentives for a global technology company.

After years of recruiting, and having recognized the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of conventional methodologies, Pat Doran has built one of the most trusted boutique executive recruiting agencies in the US.

Developing exceptional partnerships with no less than seven (7) major Fortune 500 clients has made Jo D the “go to” agency for many high profile positions. Jo D Consulting has implemented a divisional RPO program for one of the largest mechanical companies in the world and has built a recruiting and sourcing team that rivals any major agency. Our team can completely implement and manage new ATS’s and design unique marketing strategies for each client regardless of project size or scope.

Executive Team

Patrick Doran – Principal

In 2012 Patrick Doran started Jo D Consulting after almost a decade of work in the recruitment and organizational development space. During his career, building recruitment and organizational effectiveness strategies, Patrick saw there was a need for new approaches within the recruitment space. His vision to institute a fresh and effective methodology to match the right talent with right opportunity is the basis for Jo D Consulting’s commitment, “Linking Exceptional Talent with Great Companies”.

Prior to launching Jo D Consulting Patrick worked in the financial services and Information technology space working on multiple initiatives across several divisions. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and is a member of several outreach programs.

The result of Patrick’s efforts is an enviable list of Fortune 500 companies along with fast growing “new market leaders”.

Hank Doran – Managing Partner

Hank Doran brings to his role as Managing Partner more than 25 years of experience in IT and network systems infrastructure ranging from design consulting, sales, implementation, and project management.

An essential component of the project management element has been to recruit and on-board engineering and technical talent that possessed the requisite technical skills but which also fit the culture of each enterprise. – a fundamental tenet of Jo DConsulting’s approach to talent acquisition.

These skill sets were merged in 2012, first as Senior Business Advisor for Jo D Consulting and, beginning in 2015, as Managing Partner. Hank focuses on these areas of expertise as Jo D continues its dynamic growth, already established in Professional Services, VC and Funding, and Manufacturing.

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