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Finding Exceptional Consumer Services Leadership

With more than 450,000 consumer services companies in the United States, Jo D Consulting (Jo D) has built a network of leaders to strengthen each one. Being that companies interact daily with their customers and the competitive landscape is always changing, having the right leaders is more crucial in this industry than in any other. Having a visionary leadership team in place can enhance an organization and carry out long-term strategic goals. Finding these individuals has been a mission for Jo D since the firm’s inception. Our Rolodex of candidates across the United States is vast and our daily networking keeps us abreast of the ever-changing industry.

From the very first stages of Jo D, our primary clients were large consumer services organizations. Today we work with startups all the way up to the largest American companies. Whether it is a plug and play candidate or a rising star, we have the network and tools to provide both.




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